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Friday, February 3, 2012

Unlimited Mail sender!!

Hey folks out there!! We mentioned int the last post about Unlimited avatar voter and now we are back again with another new and a good software for you to advertise your room. The Mail sender free by rezwan.
Well this is a good way to advertise your room because in mig33 you can mail all your friends at a same time.

Avatar Voter free!!

Hey folks out there!! Many users in the world use Mig33 and you always fool around buying votes for your avatar at a high price but this time I have something with me that will remove your problem forever.
Avatar Voter by Rezwan
Well this tool is very easy to use and you get it in free. Only the problem is you have to buy multy ids but also  no worries.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 5 Torrent Websites of 2011.

Torrent is a type of meta-data that facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing.
Here are the list of 5 Best torrent sites of the year 2011. 
1. Piratebay
Tips Paradise
Rank : 1st

Best Free web hosting sites for making your own blog.

What exactly a blog is? Well a blog is a short form of  "Web Log". That means a blog is a website/journal or diary which is intend to present/publish personal ideas regularly. On this current age Blogging is a good way to make your online presence.
Well, This are 5 of the best blogging platform for all the new bloggers who have recently involved in technology.

Permanently Remove a Gmail Account

Tips Paradise
Do you want to close or completely remove your Gmail and remove all of its components like Blogger. There can be many reasons for you to deactivate your Gmail account but you can do it now its very simple.

Eject Cd or DVD drive Continuously

Tips Paradise
Well guys we have always tried to fool our friends by creating a virus and asking them to open but most of the time we fail. But this time I have brought something that may delight you. 
Just simply type this code in notepad.